Birthday gifts made easy; a gift for them and a gift for the planet!

Birthday gifts made easy; a gift for them and a gift for the planet!

If you’re concerned about all the waste that birthdays can bring, whether it’s the carbon emissions of shipping, plastic packaging of gifts or unwanted presents thrown in the trash, you’re not alone. We’re making it super easy for you by changing the way you give gifts.

At TWAN, we believe in applying our sustainable practices to each and every area of our lives. Small changes can have a big impact, and when considering gift giving, it’s important to shop consciously especially now that our community of conscious shoppers is growing. So how do we do this?

You want to give items that people will love and want to use for years to come instead of things they'll tire of and quickly end up replacing or discarding. That's always the goal, but especially with earth-friendly gifts, the whole point is to reduce waste and get as much life out of an item as possible.



You might be on the hunt for "unique" or "practical" — but what about "eco-friendly"?

But wait, what does "eco-friendly" really mean, anyway? Words like "environmentally-friendly," "green" and "earth-friendly" get thrown around often. Time to clear up any confusion.

A great eco-friendly product should be created from sustainable materials, and be durable to last - reducing consumption by minimizing the need to replace it. Our top pick for a birthday gift would be a classic piece that everyone loves. A hoodie in a comfortable, oversized fit is the gift that keeps giving each time you wear it. Our star gift would be the NEW unisex hoodie from our 4Seasons collection, whoever it is you’re shopping for, they’re bound to love to comfortable and soft new fabric. 

More than a gift

Not only are you giving a beautifully-made piece of clothing, but you're also giving the planet a gift. 10 trees are planted for each item sold, giving back to nature.

Now the only question is, which colour do you go for? If you opt for the 4Seasons hoodie, you’ll be able to choose from a beautiful range of 8 shades inspired by the changing seasons. A great way to shop for someone else is to notice what colours they often like to wear, maybe take a scroll down their instagram to understand their style and understand whether they would prefer a deep green like Evergreen, or a neutral shade like Harbor Beige. 

Take it to the next level by opting for a bundle

Upgrade your gift to a whole outfit by choosing a matching piece such as sweatpants or shorts, or a T-shirt that they can pair with their hoodie. Adding a second piece to your gift will create a much bigger range of styling options for their new TWAN outfit!


For the kids

We didn’t forget about the younger birthday boys and girls, the 4Seasons collection is now available for kids too, so you can also give a beautifully-made hoodie as a gift. The same soft fabric, plus a couple of new styles we’ve not seen before for kids. A high-quality outfit is bound to make mum and dad happy too, as they’re easy to care for and will stand the test of time. 

Shop the 4Seasons collection now as a memorable and thoughtful gift option.