Celebrating a Sustainable UAE

Celebrating a Sustainable UAE

Not only does the UAE National Day hold great significance and pride for its citizens and residents, but this year we are celebrating a golden jubilee celebration. As we come together to reflect on the 50 years of the UAE, we also look towards the future. The sandy roads became globally renowned architecture, the globalisation created a multicultural melting pot, and the UAE that we now call home is brought to life. 

Born in Dubai, made for the planet.

As a brand, we're sure you know by now that our biggest focus since TWAN was founded has been to better the world we live in. Through sustainable initiatives, through transparent and fair clothing production, through commitment to reforestation and more. We are proud to do this work with the UAE as our backdrop, a nation that shares our sustainable values.

Part of a sustainable future

Whether you're reading this from TWAN's home of Dubai, from another Emirate or from further afield, you probably have heard of the UAE's sustainability traits blossoming in 2021.The UAE is striving to establish itself as a global sustainability leader, reflected in several of its national agendas and charters, such as Vision 2021, the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, the UAE Green Agenda 2015-2030 and the National Innovation Strategy.  With the opening of the Dubai Expo 2020, we see first-hand the progress and the development that the UAE holds for an eco-friendly future. On top of that, we also heard the news that the UAE is to be the host country of the COP28 climate summit, another wonderful win for the UAE. It's exciting to see we are leading the region, and the world by example towards a planet-friendly future.

For businesses, many companies in the UAE are also leaning towards green innitaives, to provide what their customers now prioritise the most. If you’ve been supporting the TWAN from the start, or whether you’ve joined us just today, we want to thank you for supporting sustainable local businesses. The fashion industry in particular is often under scrutiny as a large polluter of tha planet. We’re here to break those stereotypes, and to stand as inspiration for fashion-lovers everywhere. You can see our eco-friendly collection by clicking here.

So how are you spending your National Day weekend? With celebrations all over the city, we hope you have a great weekend and remember that a sustainable UAE supports a sustainable planet.