The Eco-Conscious Community in Dubai is growing

The Eco-Conscious Community in Dubai is growing

To our eco-conscious community, we love you. If you’re reading this, we know you’re one of us. If you’ve found your way to our slice of the internet, where we share our mission of making the world a greener place, we know you share our values. So let’s start this blog as a thank you, to you.

For a moment, let’s cast our minds outside of this blog.It’s a common perception that every Middle Eastern economy relies completely on fossil fuels, but the UAE is working towards being more eco-friendly by 2050. TWAN was born in Dubai, UAE and our home is one of the leaders in innovation, and globally renowned for modernity and new ways of thinking. When we take these great traits and look at them through the lense of sustainability, it’s no surprise to see that the UAE is forming a great eco-conscious community of it’s own.

What does it mean for a sustainable clothing brand to be eco-conscious, you might be wondering? Well, for us it starts in the mind. It starts with awareness, becoming aware of how our actions and lifestyles can affect our planet. Once we become aware, these thoughts become actions. Whether we’re choosing to support sustainable brands, using your car less, or eating more plant-based, these small but mighty changes soon become part of our lifestyle.

Even since the pandemic, we’ve noticed a change in the UAE. The growing preference of sustainability is making waves throughout the UAE. Can you feel it? In fact, if you want to get factual, the data tells us that over four in five adults in the UAE are more mindful of their impact on the environment since COVID-19.  It’s time to seize the opportunity to convert all this momentum into lasting change that will put the region - on the path toward a more sustainable future.

Supporting brands who create eco friendly clothing with sustainable values, just like TWAN, is one of the simplest ways you can make greener choices. As well as this, you now have a variety of green options to make across food, travel and activities. Companies, customers and communities must work together to make the significant changes needed to effectively address climate change. 

Social media appears to be driving an increase of environmentally conscious consumers in the UAE - for more resources, tips, and eco updates, be sure to keep up with TWAN on our social media platforms.

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