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Long-lasting comfort with one ingredient: organic cotton

If you rewind 20 years, the word "organic" probably meant nothing to most of us. Now, we're obsessed with organic produce in the food we eat. When it comes to clothing, it’s taken a little longer to catch on because the correlation isn’t as direct­. We don’t eat cotton fibres (at least we hope you don’t!). However, more people are becoming knowledgeable as to how the organic cotton movement is just as powerful and important as that of organic foods. After all, when you're wearing your favourite pieces all day, it's important to understand what's going on your skin.

You sleep on it at night, you dry yourself with it after a shower, and you’re probably even wearing it right now. Although we find it everywhere, few people understand the effect it can have. The way cotton is grown, harvested and produced has some nasty truths that impact our planet and its people.

The production process for conventional, non-organic cotton uses a massive 16% of the world’s insecticides; more than any other crop in the world. Pesticides can infect local waterways, destroying the environment and harming animals.

So what's different about sustainable cotton?

In organic cotton production, farmers reduce the use of pesticides and can only use natural fertilizers, no synthetic fertilizers are allowed. Since it's not processed with harsh chemicals, the resulting clothing is more comfortable when worn and is a great alternative for people with sensitive skin. 

Many people with skin problems report a dramatic improvement in their skin condition once they switched to organic. When we're buying for ourselves, or for our children, switching to organic seems like a no brainer. You can trust the standard of our materials, as our organic cotton is GOTS certified.

Caring for the world and the people and other living things we share it with is a life choice. Choosing organic cotton over conventional cotton is a part of this choice. 

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