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Sustainable swaps you can make for a greener wardrobe

Let's talk numbers for a sec: the average lifespan of a piece of clothing is just 2.2 years. 

On average, we buy more than 50 new articles of clothing annually and roughly 50 per cent of those items will be worn three times or less. Do you have items in your wardrobe that you've worn just once? Or perhaps, never?

Most of us know by now how bad the fast fashion industry is for the planet, and while many won’t forgo buying new items altogether, we can at least commit to shopping consciously. 

The fashion industry is the world’s second biggest pollutant, currently accounting for around 10 per cent of humanity’s carbon emissions and 20 per cent of wastewater.

TWAN is committed to playing our part towards a greener future, and that starts with our product. Read on to discover the swaps we're making for a more sustainable wardrobe:

1. Choose sustainably sourced materials

First things first, let's think about where our clothes come from. How are they created? Every new item of clothing made has a substantial carbon footprint attached to its manufacturing, which can be made significantly smaller depending on the materials. At TWAN, we always use sustainably-sourced organic cotton.

2. Choose brands with sustainable initiatives

We don't mean to brag, but we plant 10 trees for every single item we sell. When brands support charity initiatives as well as sourcing sustainable products, we can double our impact in how we help the planet. You can learn more about our partnership with One Tree Planted by following us on Instagram to stay in-the-know.

3. Wear, and wear again.

It sounds obvious, but it's so important. Of course, if you buy higher-quality clothes, they are likely to last longer! Buying high quality, more sustainable pieces like the TWAN essentials is likely to cost you more money than buying a cheap fast-fashion product that doesn't tick the right boxes (Shein, we're looking at you!). However, it's all about changing your mindset. Yes, it costs a little more, but you're likely to have it for longer and will be buying less per season overall. Buying our high-quality items, rather than lots of cheaper, less eco-friendly pieces, will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Basically: invest and buy less, and wear and wear again.


We're so glad to have you join us on our sustainable journey. If you enjoyed this post, give it a share on your social channels. To stay up to date with TWAN's news and products, follow us on Instagram @the.twan.