The 4Seasons Collection: Now for kids!

The 4Seasons Collection: Now for kids!

Your personal style is exactly that, personal. We are all familiar with our own preferences we have when choosing what to wear each day, or choosing a style that reflects how we feel and who we are. As parents, it’s not just yourself you need to think about when dressing! 

Models wear: 4Seasons Collection in shade Coconut Milk. Shop the look.

 Like their elders, children also follow the latest trends and love to dress up as per the current fashion. As we’ve mentioned in many of our recent blogs, dressing for comfort is super important to us here at TWAN, though we don’t need to compromise our look to feel comfortable! 

Offering a premium range of high-quality, eco-conscious clothing for men, women and kids of all ages is at the core of TWAN’s intentions as a brand. Our most recent challenge was to find a fabric that is comfortable in every weather. With the launch of our 4Seasons collection for adults, we’re now excited to bring you the corresponding range for the little ones. The fabric is 100% Organic Cotton and is GOTS Certified. What does that mean exactly? Well, it helps to avoid allergies and skin concerns, and is created without pesticides or danger chemicals. No brainer, really.

A note for the parents

Hey, mum and dad! Shopping for your little ones? Here’s what you need to know about our new kid’s collection.

  1. It’s now even easier to dress your kids each morning. This brand new fabric is the perfect balance of thickness, durability and softness so that it can be worn at any time. This makes choosing the outfit of the day even quicker! Named 4Seasons for a reason, this collection is for wearing at home, outside, the playground or on any adventure.
  2. It’s created inline with our eco-conscious values. The 4Season’s collection is, of course, still GOTs certified 100% organic cotton, just like our previous collections.
  3. New colours! We’ve added 8 new colours for this collection, so you're bound to find the right shade for your child’s personality and preferences. Choose from the bold Summer Sunrise red, or the Winter Night blue to the deep Evergreen - each of the 8 shades is rich and vibrant. 
  4. New styles added. As TWAN grows, we continue to explore new shapes and styles for our garments. Though we previously didn't have any shorts, or hoodies without zips for Kids, we've now introduced both these styles in this collection. You can also find our best-selling favourites like our Sweatpants and our T-shirts in the new fabric too! 
  5. Double check your sizing! We've updated our kid's sizing options for this collection, and you can now choose from 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs, 8-9yrs, 10-11yrs, 12-13yrs for your size. This is slightly different from our previous lines, so make sure you double check when selecting your size.

When shopping with TWAN, you can guarantee the quality you deserve when buying clothing for your children. We are proud to be transparent about the materials we use and the sourcing of our items, so you can trust the level of care we use when creating the pieces that will be worn by the little leaders of tomorrow. For the planet, and for families, TWAN is focused on putting you first.