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What is Sustainable Fashion?

If you have heard about sustainable fashion and now want to have a deeper understanding of it. You’re in the right place.

Let’s start.

Pollution and waste are the biggest problems in the fashion industry. For example, it takes 3000 liters of water to make one cotton t-shirt. How large is the problem of waste in the fashion industry, right? But the reality is that we can’t keep using these resources in this way for a simple reason - they are not endless. Besides, it has a negative impact on climate change, lands, air, etc. And if we don’t tackle these problems, we wouldn't have nature anymore. 

This is where sustainable fashion begins.

Sustainable fashion refers to the clothing which is designed, produced, and used in such ways that are the most considerate both for the planet and humanity. The main mission of sustainable fashion is to create a system that doesn’t live a negative footprint on the planet. 

Yet, if we go deeper, sustainable fashion is also about defending people who are in the fashion industry - from farmers to consumers to everyone. It sounds intense but the fashion industry has an impact on communities around the world. Hence, sustainable fashion exists to address all these problems. 

What Does Sustainable Clothing Look like?

  •  Sustainable clothing includes natural and organic materials as they have a low impact on the planet. Organic cotton, wool, hemp. These materials are preferable over virgin materials. As they are biodegradable and don’t contain any harmful or toxic substances for the planet.  For example, organic cotton saves us from pesticides. It's better for your health, land and protects wildlife.  Remember that quality is the key. Clothes made of organic materials are durable and long-lasting. You can create your unique look by being sustainable as well.

  • Recycled materials. Using existing materials to create new pieces of clothing is a good choice. Because the producing process doesn’t need any resources. 

  •  Environmentally friendly dyes. It's also very important to consider the environmental impact of the dyes. 

  • Zero or low waste design.  The main mission is the reduction of the amount of water and energy use during production.  A lot of waste during production comes from cutting patterns. That’s why some sustainable brands design patterns that result in zero waste. 

  • Another super sustainable option is second-hand shops.  Instead of buying clothes that lack quality and meant to be thrown away quickly, you can choose to buy from second hands. Or vintage clothes are the best way to go.

Remember I said that sustainability also takes care of people?

Fai fashion, which is a part of sustainable fashion,  ensures that workers receive fair wages and that the quality of their life is improved. If everyone has wages to meet their needs, there will be more happiness and motivation to live and work.

Where to start.

Think of what you are about to buy. Make conscious decisions. Ask yourself whether that t-shirt was worth 3000 liters of water.

Your actions can lead to huge changes. The future is in your hands.

Anything we do affects nature and, tbh, we did a lot of harm. As mentioned before,  Earth’s resources are limited. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals were created “to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all”. We inherited the Earth and we are part of it. And the upcoming generations also have the right to have a life on Earth. And it’s high time to change the wheel of the human life story.

Adapting sustainability may seem a little bit challenging, that’s why we want to make this process easier for you. Not only does TWAN introduce you to the eco-friendliest pieces of clothing but also we plant 10 trees for each item sold. Planting trees is our primary goal, because trees have a huge positive impact on our planet - they prevent climate change, improve the quality of water, absorb pollutant gases trapping them on their leaves and filter the air making it cleaner and fresher. We believe that together we have the power to make positive changes. Together we must demand a better world and a healthy life.

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