Why trees? Read more about our commitment to the planet

Why trees? Read more about our commitment to the planet

We love trees. We’ve shouted about it since TWAN was born, but in case you missed it: we plant 10 trees for every item sold. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. We chose to partner with One Tree Planted, the environmental non-profit organization on a mission to make it simple for everyone to help the environment by simply planting trees. In fact, in 2020 alone they planted 10 million trees. 

But why did we choose trees? As we are a sustainable fashion brand, you may be wondering, and it’s a fair question. Let’s break down what trees can actually do for our planet, and why you should choose to shop sustainably. Understand the benefits of trees and you’ll soon see why we chose to support One Tree Planted with every single sale we make.

Trees clean the air

Trees quite literally enable the world to breathe. Trees produce oxygen and clean carbon dioxide out of the air. Without trees, life could not continue. A single tree produces almost 260 pounds of oxygen every year. To put that in perspective, two mature trees can give off enough oxygen to keep a family of four people breathing.

Trees conserve water

Trees not only improve water quality, they also prevent stormwater and flooding issues that can occur. Their intricate root systems act like filters, removing pollutants and slowing down the water’s absorption into the soil. Water is then moved up through the trunk, serving as food for the leaves and the branches.

Trees encourage biodiversity

Many birds, animals, and insects call trees home. The space for biodiversity is critical as it helps keep our planet thriving. They offer a safe hiding place for prey, not to mention valuable feeding spots, as well as shelter from the elements. One mature oak can be home to as many as 500 different species! 

The list of benefits trees add to our planet is endless. We are proud of our simple yet effective pledge to benefit the environment, and we hope to inspire others along our journey. If you love playing your part in helping the world become a greener place, stay tuned on our blog and social channels for more go-green content.