How to stay vigilent against Greenwashing

How to stay vigilent against Greenwashing

Brands are making great strides to becoming more eco-friendly, and don’t get us wrong. This is a good thing. We’re not complaining that sustainability is trending. What’s concerning however, is that wherever there is marketing, there’s embellishments and downright lies. There’s no doubt some are simply greenwashing to sell more clothes. Eco-conscious, environmentally friendly, sustainable — however you want to phrase it, these are just some of the buzzwords being used in the fashion world. As customers, however, we need to question whether businesses who use these terms are genuinely encouraging conscious decisions or merely acting like it. 


We’re not here to point fingers, but according to research as many as 60% of fashion brands making these claims are guilty of greenwashing. Some of the worst offenders making false or misleading claims are the big names you’ll stroll past in most of our shopping malls. Greenwashing is problem that’s all around us. The scariest thing? Not knowing how to tell the difference.

TWAN is here to act as your sustainability ally, to help you navigate the world as a conscious consumer. Read on to discover how to know if your favourite fashion brands are really eco friendly.

Look for exact numbers, not just words.

There’s a reason we always mention that our clothing is 100% Organic Cotton. Some brands may use these terms, but refrain from mentioning that it’s actually only a small portion of the garment. 

“Natural” is great, but…

When you see the word “natural” it’s important to remember that some natural products still have a lot of environmental issues linked to them depending on how they’re sourced. Brands who truly mean what they say will have their product sourcing information on their website. (Psst, you can read more about our product sourcing on our About page!)

Check for certifications 

It’s always great to check for validation from global certificates. When buying organic cotton, look out for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the certification that comes on all TWAN products, and ensures the cotton meets approved standards across the whole supply chain.

It’s up to all of us to pay attention to what brands are saying they are doing and to do research. People should try to buy from more reputable brands with proper policies on sustainability. 

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