Did COVID-19 Change The Way We Dress Forever?

Did COVID-19 Change The Way We Dress Forever?

Being a brand born in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s clear to see how our signature pieces were brought into the world. The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about our lives, from how we shop to how we work to how we work out. It's also changed how we dress. Because many of us spent so much of the last year quarantined at home, gone were the days of business casual wear for the office and dressy outfits for nights out.

Instead, we turned to our comfies, the perfect around-the-house alternatives, from cosy loungewear, to sneakers (...or slippers). How many of us kept our business blouses on the top but subbed our trousers for sweatpants for all those zoom calls? The secrets out!

Of course, no roundup of pandemic fashion would be complete without face masks, which have become the ultimate, essential accessory of the past year.

Loungewear, the even more relaxed cousin of athleisure, was pretty much the only thing we were interested in for the whole of 2020, and it continues to be trendy in 2021. Plenty has been written about the way the pandemic changed clothing and fashion trends, and some may claim the fashion world will never be the same again. Long live comfort!

We believe the fashion industry has not suffered, but in fact built a consumer base where people have fallen back in love with getting dressed. Where we once had no reason to dress up, or down, or any way at all; the world has bounced back and so has our appreciation for clothing. People are more grateful for the chance to show off their ‘fits, and whether that’s dressing for style or comfort, we know one thing: There are certainly no more hard and fast style rules. Here’s to dressing up, enjoying feel-good trends like eco-friendly fabrics and colour, and wearing clothes that define our individual aesthetic once again.

In 2021, we have much more mixing and matching between dressing up and dressing down, and it’s okay to wear the same thing over and over again. The pressure is off. In fact, we are championing #OutfitRepeating in the name of sustainability. Why? The more you wear an item, the more eco-friendly that item is. That’s why each and every piece we produce at TWAN, as a sustainable clothing brand, is created with longevity in mind. 

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