The Ultimate TWAN Packing Guide - take the 4Seasons collection with you

The Ultimate TWAN Packing Guide - take the 4Seasons collection with you

If you’re travelling this season to celebrate Eid, or any season for that matter, The TWAN’s 4Seasons collection has all the essentials you’ll need in your suitcase for the trip. Read on to discover why The TWAN is perfect for holidays, and which items you’ll definitely need on your packing list. 

All our clothing is sourced ethically and sustainably (even down to the trim, labels and threads) as a response to fast fashion, so shopping with TWAN is shopping for the planet. We are passionate about only bringing you the best quality, so all of our cotton is 100% organic (GOT certified). We also plant 10 trees for every item sold, so you know your purchase is creating positive change for the environment. 

Our top choice for comfort: 4Seasons Oversized Sweatpants 

Available in both men and women’s, the 4Seasons oversized sweatpants are our top choice for comfort while travelling. Whether it’s a flight, car journey or train, when sat down for hours on end it’s always best to opt for something comfortable and non constricting. Our 4Seasons Oversized Sweatpants have a loose fit and drawcord adjustable waist that make them your perfect travelling companion. They’re also equipped with side seamed pockets for keeping all your essentials close by! 


Our top choice for durability: 4Seasons Relaxed Fit Sweatshirt

Travelling means going through all sorts of weather conditions, so you need clothes that prepare you for both ends of your journey. The 4Seasons Relaxed Fit Sweatshirt is made from our exclusive fabric - the perfect balance of thickness, durability and softness to be worn at any time of year in any conditions, ensuring wherever your destination you can be comfortable. What’s more, the relaxed fit means you can be comfortable and ready for anything. 

Our top choice for style: 4Seasons Cropped Sweatshirt or 4Seasons Half Zip Sweatshirt

In recent years, airport style and travelling chic has become all the rage, and we can see why. After all, who doesn’t want to travel in comfort and style, just like all your favourite celebs? Worry not, as finding the perfect balance between comfort and style is what TWAN does best. Our favourites are the Women’s cropped sweatshirt, with its flattering, ribbed, cropped fit, and the Men’s Half Zip, with the stylish extra zip detail. If you’re looking to level up your travel outfit even more, try one of our bold new colours such as Summer Sunrise (a dazzling red) or Winter Night (a deep blue). 

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