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Who We Are

TWAN, Together We Are Nature, is a sustainable clothing brand that makes a difference by making ethically produced timeless styles, using eco-friendly certified fabrics, and giving back to the planet. Our goal is to make the Earth a greener place together by planting 10 trees for every item purchased

Our Story

Every person has a life-changing moment, when they start questioning whether they are doing their part for the planet. Ours came during the quarantine and self-isolation.

The mankind is a part of nature, yet we destroy it thoughtlessly. In 2020, we watched millions of hectares burn – that’s when we realised how essential planting trees would be. We decided that TWAN must take a part in creating an impact on this matter.

Today, we introduce you to something very close to our hearts. The brand that inspires the positive change in the world.

Together We Are Nature

Our values


We use only certified eco-friendly materials from fabric sourcing to manufacturing to packaging. Our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. While our packaging is plant-based and biodegradable with no toxic residues or micro-plastics.

Reduced Waste

We limit our production, so our items are never gone unworn.


We want to give back to Earth by committing to plant 10 trees for each item sold. One tree can absorb nearly ten pounds of polluted air and release 260 pounds of oxygen per year, now multiply that by ten – yes, that’s a one-item change only.

Slow Fashion

We believe that the eco-friendliest clothes are the ones that you wear a looot that’s why we practice attention to details and concentrate on creating pieces that are long lasting and seasonless.


We are convinced that customers deserve to know how their clothes are made, by who, where and in what conditions that’s why we put transparency at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision

“ We aim to create a sustainable online shopping destination that will satisfy everyday needs and aid in making the
Earth a greener place “