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About Us


Welcome to the TWAN.
We’re the sustainable brand born in Dubai and leading our conscious community to a greener world. There’s a mindset shift sweeping the planet. It’s the voice in our head that questions our consumption, our values, and our commitment to the environment. It was during the isolation of the pandemic when our founders hit that feeling. How could we stand by while the fashion industry has such a detrimental impact on our world? With carbon emissions rising and forests dwindling, we found our duty to the environment and in 2021, TWAN was born.

Buy one, plant 10.
Each TWAN item sold is 10 trees planted with our partners One Tree Planted.

This pledge has been woven into our brand identity from the beginning, as we knew we wanted to go above just minimizing our impact, but also actively fight for the justice of our environment. In fact, we want to leave the Earth better than we found it. Now for the science-y bit. Planting trees provides a myriad of benefits, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world's wildlife.

We know we must not settle for a life that supports an industry that ruins our planet. This is why we made it our mission to demonstrate that there can be a new way of producing fashion and where clothes are part of the solution, rather than the problem. We want to bring our customers back in touch with nature to ensure that our clothing not only feels good, it does good, too.

 No secrets, no surprises.

Our customers should know who made their clothes, where and in what conditions. We believe that aesthetics and sustainability should go hand in hand, and elevated everyday garments should not leave a feeling of guilt for impacting the planet.

What we’re made of

There’s a reason we put so much effort into producing sustainably. TWAN fabric embodies all our values down to every thread. To us, mindful materials aren't just the items themselves, but everything from production, to manufacturing, to packaging. The TWAN promise is to always create with transparency, and a promise to our customers to only use 100% sustainable certified fabrics. Our packaging is fully biodegradable, with no toxic residues or micro-plastics.

Slow down, and enjoy.

TWAN was created as a response to the fast-fashion industry and we quickly learnt that, in order to produce pieces with a low environmental impact, it needed to step away from the traditional format of production and continually changing trends. Our pieces are made to buy now, and wear for years to come. The high quality production crossed with timeless modern staples means that our customers not only get more bang for their buck, but reduce consumption. Our collections are produced in small batches from our factories in timeless colour palettes that never go out of style to minimise waste and overproduction.

Join us on our journey.
We aim to inspire a positive change in you.

Our eco-conscious community is growing, and we hope you join us on our mission to make the world a greener place. Together We Are Nature.

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